FurnArt Easel which was founded in 1997, has been serving in Istanbul for a long period. The company has the most comprehensive product range with the leading easel manufacturer in Turkey. The company has production facilities on the basis of boutique and customer design, and serves with 6 employees. It has over 20 different types of models in its product range and meets the corporate and individual expectations with its approach that enables the production of special design easel.

The company has a professional team in the woodworking field. With its sector experience and human resources, it aims to add value to its country with its quality, meeting customer expectations and environment-friendly service. In this vision, FurnArt is the strongest easel manufacturer in his country. It offers its products to all dealer points in the country as well as to many countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

FurnArt is one of the few manufacturers that can produce a special easel. Thanks to the Boutique type of company model can be adapted quickly to cover customer requests. It allows customers to produce with their own logo, brand, and designs. This understanding that cares about customer satisfaction makes the company different and completes an important gap in the sector. Production capacity can reach 20.000 easel production per month according to product type. The company attaches importance to international quality management systems. In this context, total quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental management systems are constantly striving for compliance.

The company participates in Istanbul, London, New York, Moscow, Kyiv, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Dubai, London, and Lisbon stationery fairs in order to increase the awareness of its service concept. In addition to exhibiting the products it manufactures in these events, it also wishes to expand its scope by meeting new customers. With these international events, it has taken the role of sub-supplier of companies providing wooden easel supply services in their countries.

FurnArt is committed to rapidly adapting to the expectations of its potential customers by increasing the number and quality of its products. It is ready for production in a wide range from economical product models to workshop products suitable for professional use. With its approach that attaches importance to the growth and creating strong synergy with its customers, suppliers and business partners, it is committed to providing added value to its country and the world, albeit small.

FurnArt Easel